In addition to offering the best prices around on tanks Oceans Paradise carries a wide variety of  reefkeeping products, and if we don't have what you need in stock we can usually get it for you. 

Absolute BEST price on
Aquariums, and Aquarium Stands in the area.
Auto Top-Off Kits
LED Lighting
Maxi-Jet Powerheads
MagDrive Return Pumps
Sure-Flow Mod Kits
Salifert & Seachem Test Kits
Ocean Nutrition Frozen & Dry Food
Hamilton , Radium and Reeflux Halide bulbs
PC and T-5 Bulbs and Fixtures
Octopus Protein Skimmer, Refugiums, Sumps
RO/DI Units, and Replacement Filters/DI Resin
GFO Reactors
Bulk GFO and Activated Carbon
Bulk 2-Part Calcium and Alkalinity
Koralia Powerheads
Fragging Supplies such as frag plugs, disks, scissors
and bone cutters.
Mag Float Glass Cleaners
Filter Socks
Kent Marine Liquid Supplements
LED Lunar Lights
Instant Ocean & Oceanic Salt Mix
Aiptasia X
Coral RX
Reefkeeper Controllers
UV Sterilizers
Theo Submersible Heaters
Black Egg-crate
Plus much, much more....

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